I decided to take on a side-project to present a more interactive and connective experience for Yelp users, reviewers, and restaurants on the Yelp platform.

SOLVING FOR: Yelp App Users, Reviewers, Restaurants

PROBLEM: If a user wanted to access real-time updates, images and reviews from local restaurants, how could they do so in a quick streamline way while also interacting effectively between the various parties on the platform?

GOAL: To explore if implementing a news feed and a live “stories” framework increases interaction and usage time between users, reviewers, and restaurants.

SOLUTION: Modeling after a proven newsfeed and live “stories” framework and implementing that with Yelps existing infrastructure, styling and branding.

PROCESS: In order to come to my solution, I looked at similar social media frameworks, studied Yelp’s style & branding, created low fidelity sketches and mock-ups, and conceptualized higher fidelity prototypes.



Live Prototype